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    It seems that iam on the minority but i actually like this one . Maybe its my mood who likes really usuali names right now but i find it really interesting & refresh .

    Although iam not sure that all the girls could pull off that name .
    Vasiliki ,

    Persephone ~ Orpheus ~ Odysseus .

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    I don't want to offend anyone but the idea of Gypsy is romantic to me and reminds me of freedom. But then I think the idea of a hobo riding the rails is free and romantic also where some might just think of the very unromantic idea of homelessness.

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    I like Gypsy Rose or Alabama Rose but not all three together. Gypsy Rose makes me think your talking about a horse though, just sounds like a good name for a horse.

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    My little sisters middle name is Gypsy-rose (After a character from a soap opera according to my mum) and everyone she has ever told loved it!!
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    I knew an Alabama- it actually works really well as a name and she definitely pulled in off with a lot of style (nn Ama). I personally am not that keen on Gypsy, but, hey, kudos to them! It is only a middle name too.

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