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    I think Annabel is elegant and romantic, it reminds me of the Edgar Allan Poe poem - Annabel Lee
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    Annabel feels like a country bumpkin name to me. I think it's because of the animated movie about the cow Annabelle that was released when I was younger.

    Thus, I prefer Anastasia. This name is so rich, regal, and spunky to me. When I hear it I picture dark purple velvet. I can see it fitting a person in any profession, from brief-case carrying lawyer to a free-spirited artist. It's a very commanding name and feels weighty and powerful, but you can always lighten it up with a nickname if you wish. That's why I like it.
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    Love them both! But at the same time they both feel very different. Annabel feels more classic, intelligent, feminine. Anastasia is more exotic and spunky. I love Stasi as a nn.

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    I think Anastasia is a lovely name for someone else, but If I was going to use a name it would be Annabel. I find Anastasia very frilly while Annabel is a simple, but classic beauty.
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    Anastasia by far! I don't like most the -bel names. They seem infantile and frilly.
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