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    Question Best real/fictional sibsets

    I'm new to Nameberry so sorry if I posted this in the wrong forum or maybe a similar thread exists? Anyways, ever since I was 16/17 I have had a weird fascination with names (20 now.) When I first because friends with my friend Jennifer (fake, but similar name,) and she told me about her siblings, my first thought was, "wow, worst sibset ever." With slightly changing the names: Matt, Brittany, Jennifer, Sharon, and Jacob.

    What are your favourite fictional sibsets? And if you feel comfortable putting the names on the internet, what are your favourite real sibsets?
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    Some sibsets that I know and love are:

    Elizabeth, Katherine, and Alexandra
    Morgan and Mackenzie
    Seamus and Keira
    Connor and Evan
    Zachary and Savannah
    *Current Name Crushes*

    Beatrix, Margot, and Samson

    Looking To Collect More.

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    With the exception of Kol and Finn I really love the names of Mikaelson siblings on The Originals.

    Elijah, Rebekah, Niklaus, Kol, Finn, and Henrik

    A sibling set I know in real life that I think goes well together is Ariana, Emily and Nicholas.
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    Nikolas, Niomi, Neal, and Natalie. I love when siblings have names that start with the same letter!

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    I love:

    Ava and Poppy
    Evangeline and Atticus
    Luna, Olive, Indie, and Echo

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