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Thread: Make~A~Family

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    Aug 2012
    Northeastern USA

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    Jun 2011
    Emily Christine. 17.

    My Favorite Names
    Vega. Indie. Maisie. Junia. Nova. Dinah. Louise. Scout. Barbara. Daisy.
    Vade. Roman. Wyatt. Lachlan. August. Gideon. Lincoln. Micah. Finnegan. Sawyer.

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    Dec 2013
    Parent#1: Seth Matteo Lareaux
    Parent#2: Rebecca Chandler Lareaux (Cordell)

    Child1: Ellis Damian Lareaux
    Child2: Quinn Francesca Lareaux
    Child3: Brady Cecil Lareaux
    Child4: Reed Nolan Lareaux
    Child5: Wren Sidney Lareaux
    Dog: Joey
    Cat: Jasper
    Fish: Atlantis, Pacificus

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    Jul 2014
    Surname/Maiden Name: Lareaux/Flynn
    DH: Matthias Mitchell
    DH: Chance Charlie
    DD1: Elliott Susanna
    DS1: Preston Odin
    DD2: Bradley Marie
    DS2: Reece Riley
    DS3: Cabot Collier

    Dog: Gemini
    Cat: Marigold
    Fish: Atlantis
    Miranda Morgan-Charity Lisa-Winter Rose-Violet Eve-Anastasia Sophia ---- Elijah James-Winter Hawk-Elijah Zander-Peyton Blue

    Girls: Yuki, Aisu, Winterrose, Anastasia
    Boys: Zero, Winterhawk, Elijah, Zander

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    Parent 1: Sawyer Matthias Jameson
    Parent 2: Rachel Chase Hayes

    Child 1: Elias Daniel Jameson-Hayes
    Child 2: Taylor Lane Jameson-Hayes
    Child 3: Asa [I]ndigo Jameson-Hayes
    Child 4: [B]ethany Noah Jameson-Hayes
    Child 5: Will Wyatt Jameson Hayes

    Dogs: Aries and Wednesday
    Cats Jasper

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