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    22 Kids-12 Girls, 10 Boys

    1)Girl-FN starts with D, MN Means light
    2)Boy-FN means strong, MN starts with G
    3&4)Girl,Girl-All names come from this list-
    5)Boy-F&MN come from this list-
    6)Boy-F&MN must be Italian
    7)Girl-FN must be more than 3 syllables, MN Starts with B
    8)Boy-FN starts with A,B or C, MN starts with X,Y or Z
    9)Girl-FN comes from this list-, MN comes from this list-
    10&11)Girl,Boy-FNs come from this list-, MN starts with J,F,V,or C
    12)Girl-F&MN must add up to 12 letters
    13)Boy-4 letter FN, MN starts with S
    14)Boy-5 letter FN, MN from this list-
    15)Boy-6 letter FN, MN is 2 syllables
    16)Girl-F&MN come from this list-
    17)Girl-FN comes from this list-, MN comes from this list-
    18,19&20)Boy,Girl,Girl-All have the same Initials
    21)Boy-FN starts with N, MN means Brave
    22)Girl-FN comes from this list-, MN comes from this list-

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    Mine is...

    1)Devynn Ailey
    2)Aitan Garrett
    3&4)Marit Fay and Britt Gwen
    5)Conner Brady
    6)Luca Adriano
    7)Arabella Briony
    8)Akelo Zander
    9)Ariana Briar Rose
    10&11)McKenna Jaclynn & Cooper Faro
    12)Emmalie Renay
    13)Brio Smith
    14)Kayne Arvo
    15)Weston Isaac
    16)Calla Rain
    17)Summer Evian
    18,19&20)Rhett Layne, Rosalynn Laney, & Reagan Lynn
    21)Nikolai Lukas
    22)Lilac Sapphire
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