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    What are your Opinions on these names?

    So my husband and I are currently trying for a baby, so we’re putting together a list of names that we like. My husband insists that we have to have formal names, regardless of Nicknames, so I have what I would call the child in parenthesis. What do you think of these combos? BTW, our last name starts with a C and is two syllables.

    For the Girls:
    Emilia Faye (Emma)
    Alexandra Finley (Al, Allie)
    Kathryn Elizabeth (Kate)
    Audrey Kathryn
    Lindy Dianne – This would be in honoring both of our mothers.
    Lillian Elizabeth (Lily)

    We also like Riley, Faren, Brielle (Bree), and Laura.

    For the Boys:
    Jonathan Asa (Jack, or Jonny)
    Clark Alexander

    After that we’re at a loss for boy names. My husband is a HUGE superman fan, which is where Jonathan (Superman’s father) and Clark (Clark Kent) came from. He loves the name Kal, from Kal-el. But I am NOT a fan. We came up with Kalvin…but it’s really not my favorite. I love the names Ben and Danny, but he doesn’t like the formal versions of them. I want to have all “A” middle names, if we can, for the boys. Anders, Adam, and Asa are all family names I would be willing to use.
    Opinions? Suggestions?

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    My favorites are -


    Kathryn Elizabeth (although I prefer Catherine Elizabeth or Elizabeth Catherine)

    (suggestions - Emme, Lilias, Lilia, Bryn)


    Asa (this one is growing on me)
    Maebry Eloise o Emilia Sunday o Annabel Birdie
    Piers Lachlan o Roan August o Gray Everett
    -------- o -------- ~ o ~ -------- o --------

    heart my son

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    I think Emilia Faye is quite lovely. It sounds light and airy. I love Asa and Alexander more than your first names of Jonathan and Clark. I prefer Jonathan to Clark as a first name because I love the spunky Jack so much. Does Clark sound ok with your "C" surname?
    All the best,

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    Emilia Faye is gorgeous. I also like Audrey Kathryn. (Audrey Elizabeth would be nice too.)

    I prefer Jonathan Asa to Clark Alexander. I like the gentler sound--soft yet still masculine.

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    Emilia Faye- It’s very pretty, but why not have Emma as her formal name? It’s perfectly legitimate.
    Alexandra Finley- I love Alexandra! It’s so lush sounding. Finley sounds rather masculine to me. What about Alexandra Faye?
    Kathryn Elizabeth- This is Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge’s name, spelled differently of course. It’s lovely and Kate is one of my favorite nicknames.
    Audrey Kathryn- Audrey always reminds me of Ms. Hepburn- a great association, in my opinion. Her full name was Audrey Kathleen, similar to Kathryn.
    Lindy Dianne- Lindy sounds much less formal to me than Emma! I don’t really like it.
    Lillian Elizabeth- I love both names individually, but there’s just too much “L”.
    Jonathan Asa- It’s very handsome.
    Clark Alexander- I love this! Clark is one of my favorites, but it might clash with your surname.

    Here are some other boy names:

    Bruno Alexander
    Caleb Asa
    Gardner Asa
    Shepherd Asa
    William Asa
    "Walter. That’s good. I’ve never known a little kid named Walter. It seems like an old man’s name, but I guess you have to start somewhere."

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