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    I love Ira! I've had it on my long list for a long time but it's a no go with my fiance.
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    I know an Ira and to be honest, I cringed when I heard that he was being named after his father. But, now that he's a little older (almost 3) his name has really grown to suit him. He's a spunky and adventurous boy and his name no longer makes me wish his mother had named him something else. Now, that's not to say that he might face some challenging school-age years since his name is so diferent. But as a happy and well-adjusted 2-year-old, the name Ira fits him just fine

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    I'm personally not a fan because it stands for the Irish Republican Army which isn't a good association
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    Wow, I loved hearing the response to this! I'm not really old enough to fully understand what an IRA account is lol but I can see how it would be a problem.

    @oliviasarah I love Enzo and Theo! I don't think I would use Enzo because of Snookie's baby, but Theo is a definite maybe. I read a birth announcements one time of a Theo Atlas and thought that was a perfect combo!
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    I think Ira is definitely due for revival. It's a great compromise between Ezra and Asa. I've liked Ira as a name ever since I heard of the radio show host/producer Ira Glass.

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