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    Call the midwife!

    I really enjoy the show "Call the midwife" so thought I would try & create a game based on it, hope you enjoy. (The names I gathered for the name banks are a mixture of ones mentioned in the show & those found on popular lists for births of that era)

    The year is 1958 and you are a recently trained midwife named (FN/MN, surname ) working in the Poplar area of London.

    Roll the dice & add 10 to see how many babies you will be delivering this month! DICE

    Roll again for genders (odd=male, even=female), you must deliver at least one set of multiples!

    Feel free to name parents & their other children too (out of the name banks or whatever you wish)


    Abbott, Anderson, Bates, Brown, Bell, Cartwright, Cole, Davies, Dean, Dixon, Elton, Edwards, Fletcher, Franklin, Gable, Green, Howard, Humphreys, Harvey, Hardy, Hodgson, Jefferson, Johnson, Knight, Lee, Lawson, Lynch, Mitchell, Miller, Macdonald, Nicholls, Nelson, Newton, O'Neil, Peters, Parker, Price, Parsons, Roberts, Reid, Smith, Scott, Turner, Taylor, Underwood, Vance, Williams, Walton, Yates


    Alice, Amy, Anna, Ann, Annette, Anita, Bonnie, Beverly, Betty, Beatrice, Brenda, Barbara, Cheryl, Carole, Connie, Caroline, Cynthia, Dawn, Delia, Donna, Deborah, Dorothy, Diane, Diana, Denise, Eleanor, Evelyn, Elizabeth, Francesca, Frances, Grace, Gail, Gloria, Helen, Isabel, Irene, Jennifer, Josephine, Julie, Juliet, Judith, Julia, Janet, Joan, Jean, Jane, Joyce, Kathleen, Katherine, Karen, Lucille, Lisa, Lorraine, Lynette, Linda, Louise, Leslie, Marianne, Marie, Maria, Mary, Molly, Margaret, Martha, Nancy, Phyllis, Patricia, Pamela, Peggy, Paula, Rosemary, Rose, Rita, Sarah, Shirley, Sylvia, Sheila, Sharon, Susan, Sandra, Tracey, Tammy, Tabitha, Vera, Vivienne, Victoria, Valerie, Wanda


    Arthur, Andrew, Alan, Alexander, Anthony, Benjamin, Brian, Bruce, Carl, Charles, Christopher, Colin, Daniel, Dean, David, Donald, Dennis, Douglas, Ernest, Edward, Eric, Frederick, Frank, Grant, Gordon, George, Gerald, Graham, Gary, Gregory, Geoffrey, Glenn, Henry, Howard, Harold, James, John, Jack, Jonathan, Joseph, Jeremy, Kenneth, Kevin, Keith, Louis, Lee, Leonard, Lionel, Michael, Mark, Martin, Matthew, Nicholas, Nigel, Noel, Norman, Ned, Neil, Oliver, Paul, Peter, Philip, Patrick, Ralph, Robert, Richard, Roy, Russell, Ronald, Roger, Raymond, Rodney, Stuart, Samuel, Simon, Steven, Trevor, Timothy, Thomas, Terrence, Toby, William, Wayne, Walter
    20 year old name lover from England

    Current Favourites

    James, Ezra, Theodore, Edward, Jude, Gabriel, Owen, Arthur, Miles, Nathaniel
    Eden, Adelaide, Matilda, Phoebe, Lydia, Ruby, Scarlett, Emilia, Madeleine

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    United Kingdom
    1958 - Poplar, London.

    Midwife Nancy Patricia Andrews

    16 births this month

    Harold Roy Franklin "Harry" - Son of Douglas & Irene, brother to Sarah

    John Henry O'Neil - Son of John & Shirley, brother to William & Peter

    Dean Anthony Hodgson - Son of Carolyn

    Charles Lee Smith "Charlie" - Son of Lee & Martha

    Terence Noel Walton "Terry" - Son of Trevor & Molly, brother to Annette, Susan, Jeremy & Eric

    James Ernest & Edward Joseph Vance "Jimmy & Ted" - Sons of Leonard & Joan, brothers to Evelyn

    Vera Jean Turner - Daughter of Monica, sister to Ann & Carl

    Karen Julia Mitchell - Daughter of Gerald & Wendy, sister to Mark, David & Andrew

    William Gregory Knight - Son of Nelson & Beatrice, brother to Keith

    Valerie Rose Cartwright "Val" - Daughter of Michael & Kathleen, sister to Julia, Dawn & Gary

    Alan George Bell - Son of Frank & April

    Cheryl Lorraine Reid - Daughter of Rick & Dorothy, sister to Mike, Bobby, Leanne, Jennifer, Beverly, Sheila & Neil

    Helen Elizabeth Elton - Daughter of Ralph, sister to Howard

    Caroline Lynette Gable - Daughter of Gordon & Peggy, sister to Betty, Deborah & Steven
    20 year old name lover from England

    Current Favourites

    James, Ezra, Theodore, Edward, Jude, Gabriel, Owen, Arthur, Miles, Nathaniel
    Eden, Adelaide, Matilda, Phoebe, Lydia, Ruby, Scarlett, Emilia, Madeleine

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    Nurse Annie Margaret Spencer

    15 births this month

    Cynthia Karen Reid - daughter of Billy and Ruth

    Timothy Lionel Fletcher 'Tim' - son of Eugene and Norma, brother to Harry and Agnes

    Harold Frank and Josephine Cheryl Miller 'Harry and Josie' - children of Betty and Ron, brother and sister to Rita, Nicholas, Raymond, Helen and Molly

    Caroline Frances Cartwright 'Carly' - daughter of Frances and William, sister to Johnny

    Colin Matthew Hardy - son of Shirley

    Pamela Judith Turner 'Pam'- daughter of Joyce and Carl, sister to James and Andrew

    Oliver Mark Dixon 'Ollie' - son of Bertie and Doris

    Simon Terrence Cole - son of Donna and Terrence, brother to Sarah and Dawn

    Sylvia Louise Gable 'Sylvie' - daughter of Jane and Ned, sister to Shirley

    Martin Kenneth Lee - son of Joseph and Carmelita, brother to Lizzy, Nina and Jeffrey

    Eleanor Tracey Howard 'Nellie' - daughter of Walter and Geraldine, sister to George, Bonnie and Ernest

    Mary Kathleen O'Neill - daughter of John and Niamh

    Benjamin Paul Vance 'Ben' - son of Donald and Gloria, brother to David and Samuel

    Lucille Tabitha Hodgson 'Lucy' - daughter of Carol and Richard, sister to Peggy

    Edward Ralph, James Christopher and Margaret Anita 'Teddy, Jem and Maisie' children of Dorothy and Fred, siblings to Victoria and Florence.
    • Esther Aveline Willow ~ Rosalie Aislinn Pearl ~ Clara Hermione Mae ~ Polly Matilda Iris ~ Elowen Saskia Eve •

    • Oliver Jack Marcel ~ Henry Asher David ~ Theodore Jack August ~ Arthur Gideon Maxwell ~ Felix Charlie Rowan •

    Sosie - bookworm and name nerd :-)

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    Helena Ruby~Caroline Lyra~Rose Adeline~Emmeline Idina~Penelope Freya~Violet Isabel~Aubrey Elisabeth~Jessamine Ava
    Gabriel Ronan~Sebastian Henry~ Tristan Everett~Elijah William~Samuel Avery~Frederick James

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