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    Unusual name of the day - Wolfgang

    I posted about Wolfgang previously and didn't get much response. What are your opinions on this name? It is my husband's favorite on our boy list. What middles would you personally pair with this name? Here are some of my ideas:

    Wolfgang Atlas
    Wolfgang Ernest
    Wolfgang Abraham
    Wolfgang Henri
    Wolfgang Huck
    Wolfgang Ulysses - too uncommon / difficult?

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    I love Wolf! Wolfgang is a tad to bold for me but if you're keen, go for it haha
    My favourite is Wolfgang Atlas and i'm actually really liking Wolfgang Ernest

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    I think Wolfgang Ernest is strikingly handsome
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    Wolfgang is my husband's and son's middle name. I love it and we get lots of compliments on it. It's a strong name. I used to know a guy I high school who went by Wolfie which I thought was cute. Of your choices I like Wolfgang Abraham, though it may be a mouthful for some. I'd steer clear from Wolfgang Huck as it sounds like Wolfgang Puck, a famous chef.

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    meyera - thanks for letting me in on that. At least it wasn't my absolute favorite combination.

    It is nice to see this name getting a bit of love.

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