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    I don't think it's too much at all. As has been mentioned already, other than the first letter, they sound nothing alike. I quite like both names.
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    I think they sound great together! It would only seem like a theme to me if there were three.
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    I think it sounds like a handsome sibset!

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    I *personally* couldn't have two kids with the same starting letter, but that's because I've watched my mom struggle to call the right name with my brothers (Scott and Stephen) my whole life. I'm afraid I'll be like her in my old age! Aside from that, I say go for it! Lucas and Levi are very distinct names. And I wouldn't even worry about whether you decide to have another child. My first two brothers have the same letter and my third starts with a T. My husband is the last of three boys and the first two start with J while he has a T. I think he went 23 years and never noticed until I pointed it out.
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    I actually know two brothers named Lucas and Levi! I think they go together so well!
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