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  • Lincoln Raimann

    7 15.91%
  • Emmett Raimann

    34 77.27%
  • Kingston Raimann

    6 13.64%
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    Opinions on a few possible names choices for 2nd boy

    I'm looking for some input on some possible name choices. We already have a daughter, Charlie Rose and a son, Levi Cooper. Our middle name is pretty much set as Raimann (a family name).

    Lincoln Raimann
    Emmett Raimann
    Kingston Raimann

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    I love Emmett!

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    I think Emmett would be the best choice for Charlie and Levi's brother.

    I didn't choose Lincoln shares an initial with Levi and ends in "n" like Raimann
    I didn't choose Kingston ends the same way as Raimann and is a completely different style
    All the best,

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    Emmett looks and sounds better with the sibling set.
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    I voted for Emmett Raimann. Emmett goes best with your other children's names, as well as sounding good on it's own.
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