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Thread: Silvia

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    Thoughts on Silvia? Middle name ideas? My husband loves Silvia Justine, but that's my middle name. Not sure I want to use it.

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    Silvia Katherine is another one I like. Silvie Kate for short maybe?

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    Could you check out this thread? Link

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    I have Sylvia Pearl on my list. Though it's hard to go wrong with Sylvia
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    Silvia is a beautiful name, one of my favorites! Silvia Justine is pretty but I can understand not wanting to use your own. Suggestions for the middle:
    Silvia Camille
    Silvia Estella
    Silvia Rosalie
    Silvia Winter
    Silvia Beatrice
    Silvia River
    Silvia Grace
    Silvia Claire
    Silvia Quinn
    Silvia Ruby
    Silvia June
    Silvia Jane

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