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    Babies named after characters?

    On a scale of one to no, how bad does it make you crying when you see children obviously named after characters? ( think Tolkien, like legolas or thranduil)

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    My opinion on this is hard to describe. I think it depends on the name. Some of, say, Tolkien's names are swoonworthy (I'm looking at you Eowyn and Arwen) or at least fine to use IMO. I wouldn't advocate for Gollum. For me at least, it also sometimes (not always - Renesmee is dreadful. Eilonwy is gorgeous) depends on if the name is legitimate or not prior to the book/movie. And also, it comes down to can you separate the name from the character. I feel some names are so deep seated on fictional characters that it is hard to imagine them on anyone else (I'm looking at you Katniss - which I think is lovely, but I associate it with the character. I think your 2 examples fall here as well). It is usually easier to separate a name from a character for minor characters than major characters. I think the current pop culture status also has some bearing. Atticus and Scout are no longer as shocking as they may have been 30 years ago because To Kill A Mockingbird is not a huge deal right now whereas Anastasia is pretty much an erotica name right now because of 50 Shades of Grey. Overall though, it doesn't bother me usually. I'd love to see little Coralines, Yvaines, Cedrics, Hermiones, etc. instead of the god awful numbers of Jacobs and Isabellas (I see you Twihard moms) and Sophias.

    I am much more annoyed with people naming after celebrities (examples: Marilyn, Monroe, Bardot, Garbo, Madonna) when it is obvious they are doing it.
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    I have such a love hate relationship with this type of thing.
    I don't like when people say they don't like a name because it reminds them of a celebrity or character. For example, I posed a question about the name Tatum and a few people said it reminds them of Channing Tatum or Tatum O'Neil. So what? I totally don't care about that. I don't think just because someone got famous or wrote a character that got famous means the name is not usable for the rest of us.
    Of course, that being said, I would (personally) never name my kid Kardashian, Madonna or Han Solo; something totally iconic or celebrity/character based.
    I don't mind people using celebrity or character inspiration tho. Someone mentioned the names Marilyn, Monroe and Bardot. None of these names are really my style, but I think other people using them would be great. Why not?
    Even characters and celebrities have to have a name! But it doesn't mean other people can't have it too.

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    Nymphalis antiopa-- just re-read your post more thoroughly and I saw we both mentioned Madonna. I tend to think of that as more of a "stage name"
    Or nickname, not as a real name for some reason. And I agree with you about Madonna in particular, I would be annoyed if someone named their kid that just blatantly because they liked the singer.

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    It doesn't bother me in the least. In fact, I have a friend named after an elf in LotR, and part of her son's name comes from a famous sci-fi novel. If you fall in love with a name, what difference does it make that you found it on a TV show or in a book?
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