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View Poll Results: Which name with LN Brenner?

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  • Finn

    3 9.09%
  • Grant

    14 42.42%
  • Grady

    5 15.15%
  • Griffin

    11 33.33%
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    I chose Grant. It's my favorite of the four, and I like it with Brenner.
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    While Finn is my favorite of your list, it becomes too N-heavy when paired with Brenner. I vote Grant. It's my next favorite and the hard T sound sort of breaks up the Ns.

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    [QUOTE=flowercait;2332823]Grady flows best with your surname because all the other names have N in, just like your surname.QUOTE]

    I agree with this. Unfortunately Grady is also my least favorite of the 4, so it's hard to cast my vote for him based on that alone.

    I like Grant a lot.... love Finn, but think it flows the least well with Brenner..... and Griffin--I love Griffin. The only thing that bothered me slightly at first is that Griffin and Brenner have the same number of letters and kind of mirror each other. But writing it out now: Griffin Brenner, I'm actually loving that! Plus you have the option of nickname Finn, so you get 2 in 1.
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    Griffin or Grant (but I voted for Griffin)!

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