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    huia, I love the meaning of Philip. It's a name I can't imagine using as a first name, so it may be perfect in the middle. I will definitely consider George Philip. My significant other isn't completely sold on George (yet), but he loves the nickname Pip from Philip. Great suggestion!
    My partner vetoes my more "whimsical" middle name choices like Basil and Augustus, so Philip will appeal to him more. (Happily, he wants to save Basil for our next cat!)

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    The only one I really don't like is Edward, the others are all wonderful.
    Julia. Teenage lifelong name nerd and future mother

    Nathan, Robert, David, Eli/Eliot, Francis/Franklin/Frank, Samuel (Sam), James (Jamie), Erik, Rowan, Theodore (Teddy/Ted), Avery, Hector, Benjamin (Ben), Luke, Joseph (Joey/Joe)

    Eulalia (Loula/Lou), Mary, Catherine (Catlin/Cat), Fern, Honor, Louise, Olivia, Anna/Anne, Joanna, Jane, Laura, Rose, Aoife, Charlotte, Elaine

    Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass; it's about learning to dance in the rain--Vivian Greene

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    My rankings (not taking Alice into consideration):
    1. Peter
    2. Edward
    3. George
    4. Arthur
    5. Clark

    My rankings (with Alice):
    1. Peter
    2. George
    3. Clark
    4. Arthur
    5. Edward
    My Top Names:
    Bernice, Clara, Harlow, Harper, Lillian, Mabel, Rosemarie

    Alden, Davis, Glenn, Eugene, Harley, Peter, Rudy

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    1. Arthur
    2. Peter
    3. Edward
    4. Clark
    5. George

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    1. George
    2. Arthur
    3. Edward
    4. Peter
    5. Clark

    Vanessa Linnea|Melanie Estelle|Cassandra ?

    Alexander Philip|Benjamin Michael|Zacharias ?


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