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    I love all of your names!

    1. Clark
    2. Edward
    3. Arthur
    4. Peter
    5. George
    Mommy to Reid Christopher. <3

    My favorite names:
    Quinn ~ Lyle ~ Dawson ~ Beau ~ Clark

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    What a great name list! Such classic names. My order:

    1) Arthur - Double initials aren't an issue in my eyes! I really love this name.
    2) George - So strong and regal, goes so well with Alice too.
    3) Edward - Beautiful name with some great nn
    4) Peter - Lovely boys name, it does go incredibly well with Alice
    5) Clark - The only name that seems a bit off. It's nice enough but doesn't have the history of the other names, and your 2 future girls names.

    I think with all the name options you have given us (Alice, Helen and Jane) I think George just seems to go the best. I absolutely love your style.

    Boys Names I'm Loving

    Henry, James, Hugo, Albert, August, Rupert, Arthur, Heath, Victor, William

    Girls Names I'm Loving

    Audrey, Emma, Simone, Eleanor, Meredith, June, Katherine, Delphine, Dorothy, Juliette, Celeste, Alice, Joy, Iris, Emmeline, Cora

    Please vote on my name list!

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    Wow, I'm so happy to receive more great feedback from you. Thanks! I'll likely review these comments many times.

    @blade, the surname is Emery. (That may change the order of some people's picks, I'm sure.)

    @abca, aw, I'm pleased you like my style.

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    1. Peter- my favorite with your daughter's name
    2. Edward
    3. Arthur- if you plan on having additional children, you'll have to choose whether you stick with the "A" beginning
    4. George
    5. Clark
    Overall these are all very handsome and strong names and I don't think you can go wrong with any of them!
    Newlywed looking forward to what her future will bring!

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