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    WYOO Riley for a girl?

    I am expecting my first baby and I have recently found out that it's a girl. I am thinking of naming her Riley but I haven't completely decided yet. I'm just wondering what you think of this name for a girl. If you have any suggestions then I would be grateful.x

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    I love Riley for a girl. I think it works for either gender but I'd personally use it as a girls name. One of my friends cousins is a female Riley
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    I'm not a fan of Riley. I dislike unisex names. Are there any other names you are considering?

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    Thanks for your opinions! I am also considering the names Sienna, Lake, Clara, Felicia and Sadie.x
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    I much prefer Riley on a boy. I think that in 10-20 years, Riley on a girl will seem dated but for a boy, it'll be more timeless.

    I really like Clara and Felicia!
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