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    First and Middle Names for a Princess-turned-Fighter

    First and Middle Names for a Princess-turned-Fighter

    Genre of Story: Mainly Historical/Sci-Fi

    Time Period/Location: Undetermined time period (may be similar to medieval times, but with added magic and technology; think Asgard from the Marvel movies.)

    Character Description: She begins as a pampered, naive princess of 16, and has no idea what it means to suffer, to sacrifice. When an impending war comes into view, she's ripped away to live a life opposite of her own, one with hardship and pain. Nine years later she is forced to return, completely changed, to take over the kingdom and end the war after the murder of her parents. Her hair is long with a natural loose curl, dark ginger/red in color. Like her mother, she has freckles covering her nose, cheeks, and shoulders, and bright golden/amber eyes. Fairly short at 5'4", but toned with slight curves.

    Brief Plot: The kingdom was fairly peaceful from her birth up to her 16th birthday, but soon things turn into utter chaos; for the sake of the kingdom, they send the one and only heir away to live a life opposite her own in hopes that no one will find her; she spends the next nine years learning how to fight and living the life of a street prowler. It begins as a forced choice, and turns into her preferred lifestyle. When she's called back to end the war, everyone is shocked to find how much she's changed, and she struggles to prove herself worthy of the throne as no one truly believes she's changed.

    Who named the character: It was a combined effort from her parents to name her; something strong but sensual, sweet but also with a bit of an edge.

    Already Considered: I've thought of having the first name of Sadestra, with a nickname of Sadie as it's an actual name. No middle names have been considered yet

    Anything else?: I want the name to feel 'girlie' and elegant, but also to feel like one you'd see in a warrior or soldier. It has to last the girl-to-woman transition that happens fairly early.

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    Aureliameaning 'the golden one', plus it sounds a bit warrior-ish and princess-y to me
    Alicemeaning 'noble'
    Pilarmore warrior than princess but it might work, maybe
    Alexandrameaning 'defending men'

    And by the way, I like Sadestra! It's really unique and I have never heard it before, and plus, it is easily read so that's a plus too—especially when reading a book!
    Hope I was able to help a bit!

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    Re: First and Middle Names for a Princess-turned-Fighter

    Thanks so much! I love Aurelia, though I'll probably use the variation Aurelie, just to avoid similar ending sounds. The matching three syllables for each name flows nicely, as does the two syllable nickname Sadie. Thanks again for your help!
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    Guinevere Alexandra could work, as Alexandra means defending men and she is defending man-kind, and is a princess, just like Queen Guinevere was, in the Camelot legends. Her nn could be Alex or Gwen.

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    The character makes the name. I could see Alice or Lucy on a stereotypical weak, pink-and-all-that-other-stuff girl, but also on a tough, complete bad***. Just keep that in mind. Also, it'll help a lot if you say what kinds of names do you want. Old-fashioned, like Edith or Beatrice, or futuristic like Katniss?

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