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    Thoughts on the name Juan and possible middle names

    I am aware on how this name is often mispronounced, but I am completely in love with this name.
    At the moment the only possible middle name I have is Carlos, but I am afraid that it will remind people of the Sons of Anarchy character Juice.

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    I prefer Juan to John, it sounds more relaxed in my opinion and I love the nickname Juanito. When I hear Juan and Carlos together, I often think of the King of Spain and not the Sons of Anarchy character. That may be due to my interest in royals, however. Since Juan is Spanish, I think that another Spanish middle name would work best. Here are some suggestions:

    Juan Cristobal
    Juan Felipe
    Juan Diego
    Juan Salvador
    Juan Alejandro
    Juan Alfonso
    Juan Fernando
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    I really like the name Juan. It gives such a cool vibe. I feel like Juan Carlos is just sort of...predictable?

    I like the previous suggestions of Juan Gabriel and Juan Diego.

    Juan Emilio
    Juan Tomas
    Juan Agapito- I think it sounds so romantic, but maybe it's a little much?
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