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Thread: This or That?

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    a) Sophie Lavinia
    b) Sophia Annabelle
    c) Isabelle Nancy
    d) Freya Madeleine (I prefer Mad-eh-lyn but Mad-eh-line flows better with Freya)
    e) Florence May (really like this!)
    f) Gemma Scarlett
    g) Georgina Daisy
    h) Millie Rebecca
    i) Arabella Violet
    j) Nancy Violet
    k) Iris Josephine
    l) Juliet Amelia (LOVE)
    m) Louisa Emily (very pretty)
    n) Charlotte Phoebe
    o) Layla Eloise
    p) Poppy Annabelle
    q) Violet Evelyn
    r) Amelie Violet
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    Not expecting, just love collecting names!

    My name is Erin. I am 23 years old and I have been a proud name nerd since I was 10.

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    Sophie Georgina
    Sophia Mirabelle
    Isabelle Nancy
    Freya Madeleine
    Florence May (So beautiful!!!)
    Gemma Scarlett
    Georgina Daisy
    Mille Elizabeth
    Arabella Violet
    Nancy Aoife
    Iris Josephine (Josephine Iris is beautiful as well)
    Juliet Amelia
    Louisa Emily
    Charlotte Phoebe (Not a big fan of either, individually they're great names, but not so much as a combo, sorry)
    Layla Eleanor
    Poppy Isabella
    Violet Evelyn
    Amelie Bridget
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    Thanks everyone! I've gone with

    Sophie Georgina
    Poppy Isabella
    Iris Josephine
    Emily Louisa
    Isabelle Nancy
    Freya Madeleine
    Georgina Daisy
    Gemma Scarlett
    Florence May
    Arabella Violet
    Nancy Violet
    Millie Elizabeth
    Juliet Sophia
    Charlotte Phoebe
    Sophia Annabelle

    Still unsure for Layla, Amelie and Violet, but going for entirely different combos with them I think

    I've also added Phoebe, Louisa and Jemima to my list with different middles, thank you again!
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