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    Perseus is so beautiful!
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    Caspian Alexander. When my friend named her son, I was blown away. He is four, absolutely fearless, and incredibly sweet. He sings to everything (people, animals, inanimate objects), instantly rushes to help if someone gets hurt, and even when the little guy needed stitched from a playground accident, he spent the whole time (while little tears came down his face) telling his mom not to be scared because now his face (it was across his one cheek) was going to be "interesting". Love that kid.

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    Penzance. It's a place name but I love it for a boy (I also like Memphis for a boy too... maybe I'm just more into place names that I thought I was).

    I also think Hugh, or the Welsh spelling Huw is so wonderfully romantic. It's so soft and simple, but also really powerful. And Augustine, Valentine, Constantine etc. are all really beautiful sounding to me.
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    I think it's the perfect combination of soft and strong.

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    Alexander. I think it's such a handsome name. I would use it regardless of popularity, I never get tired of it!

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