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    Too quirky even for a middle name?

    It's either a stroke of genius or stupidity, but... Chickadee? (as a middle name)

    Hear me out. I've always been into birds and bird names of all kinds - Lark, Sparrow, Wren, the usual. I'd even consider Birdie as a cute nickname for a future daughter, related to her name or not. I was trying to come up with names that relate to my favorite types of birds and this came to mind.

    I have really wonderful childhood memories of my mom taking me to the park to feed the birds. Geese of course, but there were also chickadees at the park who, if you held thistle seeds out in your palm and stood still for long enough, would come and land on your hand to eat. Sometimes they'd even sing a little for you. It was just magical to me at that age, that these little shy, beautiful creatures would come to you if you were patient enough. (It was also probably magical to my mom because it was an excuse to make me stand perfectly still and quiet for a while!) But I still remember their fluffy little bodies all puffed up in the winter, and their tiny scratchy feet and charming little black caps.

    Would it be absolutely insane to use it in the middle? Most likely a double middle, a la Alice Chickadee Marie? I have a feeling the answer is probably yes, but I welcome thoughts! TIA
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    I had a friend from Maine (the state bird is the black-capped chickadee) who I nicknamed Chickadee, but personally I think it suits a nn better than even a mn since it is so cutesy. Sorry.

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    I don't think it's all that bad, different for sure, but if it is something you are attached to, I don't think it's all that bad, especially if it conjures up such wonderful memories. It will be something she can talk about, and will be unique to her. I like the double middle idea, works well.
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    TBH...yes. It's too quirky. It's just a really "out there" name. Sorry.
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    Here is a whole thread on Chickadee
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