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    I prefer Persephone, though Delphine is very pretty as well. I'm not really a fan of Delphi as a nn though.
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    I LOVE Delphine--I think it's so gorgeous!

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    I knew a French girl named Delphine... she was a bit rough around the edges. So, I like the sound of the name, but I have a bad association. Also, the meaning "dolphin" doesn't do much for me. I'd only consider Delphine as a middle name. Persephone is much more spunky and interesting to me.
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    I enjoy both but Delphine is one that I would personally use. I like the ties to dolphins, but also automatically think of the flower delphinium. I also like Delphina. Fi or Fina I find more likable that Delphi or Elf/Elfie, but those are sweet too.

    Honestly I'd use the full names 90% of the time with either.

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    I love both but I prefer Persephone. Elf/Elfie is such a cute nickname for Delphine!

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