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    Thoughts on Tempesta & Tomasina?

    These two are battling it out in my head and I really need outside feedback. On one hand Tomasina glitters like an emerald (to me), while Tempesta is stormy weather on a Mediterranean beach. Yet I wonder if Tomasina is too "feminization of Thomas," and if Tempesta is just too strange for an American baby.

    Thanks! (please vote!)

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    I like Thomasina (this spelling) quite a bit, but I dislike Tempesta, sorry.
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    Tomasina is wonderful. I'm a big fan of Thomasin and Thomasine so I don't think it's too much - not any more than Josephine or Alberta or Louisa, which are super-usable.

    Honestly, for me Tempesta is the name that's not subtle enough - all I can see is the word tempest with an a on the end. There's always teasing potential when a word is front and center, and tempest has mixed connotations. For an American baby, Tomasina feels safer.
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    Tempesta sounds like the newest Xmen villain.

    I'm not fond of feminizations either, but at least Tomasina sounds less like a joke.
    I'd prefer Teresita.
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    I love Thomasina and like Tempest .
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