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    Help..Corliss, Sylvia or Sabrina?

    My brother and SIL are expecting their baby girl to arrive any minute (due on April 5) and haven't decided on a name and are seeking opinions.

    Corliss Ava (nn will be Rory) is my SIL top choice. My brother is ok but not loving it.

    Sabrina Noelle is my brothers top pick which she's not crazy about but doesn't hate.

    Sylvia Noelle they both like, but neither love.

    Any opinions? (Or suggestions...Ava or Noelle will be the middle name.)
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    I'm not crazy about Corliss due to its similarity to the word "cordless". I like Sabrina and Sylvia and both sound wonderful with Noelle. I think those are the two choices they sound take to the hospital with them.
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    Like Sylvia Noelle. Sylvie would be a great nickname.

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    Corliss by far!! It's such an interesting & fresh choice. Its beautiful & I love the meaning too.

    Best of luck to your family.
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    Corliss Ava is really beautiful! It would definitely be my choice, but if your brother isn't fully on board, what about Felicity? It has a similar feel and meaning/origin but is maybe a bit less unusual? Cerys and Blythe also have similar feelings to me.

    Secondly I like Sabrina just because it's so cool - I like Sylvia a lot too, but it's a bit too classic for me. I really dislike Noelle in the middle.

    What about Stella? To me it combines the styles of all these names.
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