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    Hawaiian names deserve more appreciation. I know a girl named Aolani and I just think it's a gorgeous name!

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    Oooh, Aolani is beautiful! How is that pronounced? ah-oh-lani or ay-oh-lani?
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    I'm born and raised in Hawaii so I know quite a bit about Hawaiian names so let me know if you have any questions about meanings or pronunciations. Kailani is a nice choice. It does mean sea and sky, but a deeper meaning of that name is heavenly seas. "Lani" means heavenly/from the heavens/skies and "kai" is sea. Also Aolani is prnounced Ah-oh-lani and it means heavenly cloud.

    Here are a few suggestions.

    Makana (gift)
    Hokulani (Heavenly star)
    Nalani (the heavens)
    Alohi (brilliant/shining)
    Alohilani (heavenly brightness/brilliance)
    Keahi (fire/flames)
    Lehua (a type of flower, its red)
    Hanalei (lei bay, lei means garland)
    Moana (ocean)
    Ilima (a type of flower)
    Haunani (beautiful dew)
    Mahina (moon)
    Maile (a type of vine)
    Kanani (the beauty)
    Kaimana (power of the sea.. more like divine power of the sea because "mana" is a deeper, more divine power)

    I have more names, but these are just off the top of my head. Let me know if you want more.

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    I really, really like Kailani. So beautiful and exotic!
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    Oooh I like it In the past, I have loved Leilani, but Kailani is beautiful. I believe Leilani means heavenly flower? I know Lani became my nickname for a short while, and I loved it's Hawaiian meaning.
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