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    Casper, Caspar or Caspian - which is your favourite and why?

    Casper, Caspar or Caspian - which is your favourite and why?
    Do you think a Caspar/Casper would be dogged with 'Casper the Friendly Ghost' references? Would Caspian be dogged with Narnia references?
    Thanks in advance!
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    I love all three! But I think Caspian marginally wins. I'm sure they would get occasional friendly ghost or Narnia comments but I'd still use them personally!
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    I like them all but my vote goes to Caspian. I'm a Jasper girl.

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    I love both Caspar and Caspian! (Consequently, also the German Kaspar, the French Gaspard--although Caspar is French, too--the Italian/Spanish Gaspar, the Dutch/Danish Kasper... I basically just adore it in general!)

    I have both Gaspard and Caspian on my list as middles (Samuel Gaspard John and Zane Alexander Caspian), so I feel like maybe I really shouldn't pick, haha, and I love the associations to both (the Magi, not the friendly ghost), but Caspian has more of the sort of feel I like. Caspar to me, while I love it, has these muted colors, like sage green and khaki brown and mauve pink--not bad, but I just like the bright greens and pinks and yellows and the open sea and the utter feeling of honesty and goodness I get when I think of Caspian. While I'd consider using both up front, if it came down to it, I'd probably use Caspian before I'd use Caspar.
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    Quote Originally Posted by emsky View Post
    I like them all but my vote goes to Caspian. I'm a Jasper girl.
    I agree, I prefer Jasper to Casper, and the friendly ghost connection feels stronger than the Narnia reference so I prefer Caspian. Especially with cute nn's like Cas and Cap
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