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  • Renie

    16 34.78%
  • Izzy

    30 65.22%
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    NN poll: Izzy or Renie?

    Which nickname do you find more appealing and why?

    Is it better to be sweeter or spunkier?

    Do you think one will age better?

    Both my husband and I enjoy using our NNs frequently but having 3 syllable formal names. Neither of us likes using nickname-names alone.

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    6 people looked and nobody voted? Really...?

    don't make me run out crying, y'all.

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    I prefer Renie, because it's a bit more out there, whilst Izzy just bores me now, especially since there are so many Isabellas/Isabelles etc. who pretty much automatically get nn Izzy. I think both age quite well.
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    That's interesting you say they automatically get Izzy - the ones I know are all either Isabella in full, or Belle/Bella.

    I am not super worried about popularity in nicknames (the full name won't be Isabel-related so if she wants to be different she can just be different) but it's good to keep in mind.

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    How do you pronounce Renie?

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