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    I'm not a Henry fan, and agree that if your husband is thinking of it as a cop-out it may not be the one.

    I think Wes would be a great full first name, and see it as a sort of "toughened up" variation on Wesley. Isla, Grant & Wes sound great together! You could even do Wes Henry... Good luck!

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    If you think itโ€™s a cop-out then it is. If you decide you donโ€™t care how popular it is and you love it... then Iโ€™d say Henry is perfect. (I actually love Hendrik nn Henry).

    Maybe revisit your top 10 instead of your top 3. You might find something has moved up for you both.
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    I think Henry is great and does sound excellent with your sibset. I don't think it's a cop out just because it's popular and classic, but you gotta go with your gut.

    I'm still in favor of Wesley or Weston.

    Just throwing it out there, but what about Lewis with nn Wes?
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    I think Henry is a beautiful name and sounds great with your other two. Not a fan of Wesley at all, sounds dated and wet to me. Henry is a lovely, strong option. (Plus nn Hank is seriously adorable) Another classic name that has great nn options (but not as popular) is Edward! Or Edmund...Ted, Teddy, Ed, Eddy..
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