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    Thanks everyone- yes I'm in Australia.
    I'm glad people think it's widely used by a range of people without necessarily having a specific religious link.
    Also glad people seem to like the name Isaac.

    Stripedsocks- thanks for all that thought provoking information from a Jewish perspective. Maybe I am naïve, but here in Oz I don't think there are widely held anti- Semitic preconceptions/ discrimination so that is not something which concerns me.
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    I'm an Australian too, and I think Isaac is gorgeous. I wouldn't have any presumptions about him or the parents, other than thinking that they have great taste in names
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    It is a Biblical name. I know several Isaac's and there are very few Jewish people where live. Isaac is a great name!

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    Isaac has been in the top 400 since records have been kept.

    If every name that shows up in the Old Testament was out of bounds for non-Jews then a billion people would have to rename themselves.
    Adam, Jacob, Michael, David, Jonathan, Benjamin, Daniel, Samuel, Joseph, Ethan, Noah, Elijah, Nathan, Aaron, Caleb, Eli, even stinking Jordan!

    13 of the US top 20 for boys are Biblical names!
    I think you're good.
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    Coincidentally, I know an Isaac & he is Jewish, but I don't think it is a "Jewish" name. I think it is a great name & if you love it than you should keep it. I know other people named Isaac who are not Jewish.
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