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Thread: Book CAF

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    Book CAF

    I've seen this game somewhere before, but haven't seen it for a while now, so I thought I'd create my own version. To play this game you will need a book with at least 100 pages in it. If you get the same word twice use the next word; i.e. if you get the word 'her' and you've already used it, then use the next word on the page or the first word on the next page.

    LN: First word in the book.
    DH: 2nd word on page 80; 5th word on page 17
    DW: 1st word on page 32; 3rd word in 1st paragraph on page 10

    DD: 4th word on page 7; 10th word in 2nd paragraph on page 67
    DS: 2nd word in 1st paragraph on page 23; 7th word on page 11
    DD/DD: 9th word on page 90; 1st word in last paragraph on page 45/6th word in 1st paragraph on page 45; last word on page 90
    DS: Last word in 1st paragraph on page 50; 11th word on page 8
    DS: 10th word on page 62; last word in 2nd paragraph on page 70
    DD/DS: 4th word in last paragraph on page 10; last word on page 20/4th word on page 78; 2nd word on page 5
    DS: 7th word on page 56; 3rd word on page 30

    Dog: 1st word on the last page
    Cat: Last word in the book
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    Book used: Wicked

    LN: A
    DH: Not By
    DW: Did No
    DD: Bed You
    DS: Be Angry
    DD/DD: Callousness The/End Or
    DS: Bench Was
    DS: Don't Girl
    DD/DS: To She/Rural Form
    DS: Side Of

    Dog: Whatever
    Cat: Yet

    Not and Did A with Bed, Be, Callousness, End, Bench, Don't, To, Rural, and Side, and Whatever the dog and Yet the cat
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    My Book: The Titan's Curse.

    LN: The.
    DH: Was Kind.
    DW: Grover At.

    DD: Taller Disappeared.
    DS: Thorn Cap.
    DD/DD: Back Don't/Here There.
    DS: Drive Upset.
    DS: Gave Lose.
    DD/DS: Than The/Say Figured.
    DS: Winter I.

    Dog: Didn't.
    Cat: You.

    Tallie, Thorn, Back, Drive, Gav, Thannie, Say, Winter.

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    My book: How To Save A Life

    LN: From
    DH: Tennis Might
    DW: Instincts Horn

    DD: So But
    DS: House Council
    DD/DD: But I & Surprised After
    DS: Today When
    DS: They Did
    DD/DS: Station Is & My Would
    DS: To Hang

    Dog: Mandy
    Cat: Too
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    Book Used: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

    LN: The

    DH: Come Dudley
    DW: Right Bellowed

    DD: Of You
    DS: Stood By
    DD/DD: Because Uncle & Him Got
    DS: There Television
    DS: The Proof
    DD/DS: Few Shut & In Neil
    DS: Wished School

    Dog: Yes
    Cat: Wake
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