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    A lot of your names scream "girl" to me. Addison, Bailey, Dakota, Leighton and Madison, I just know too many girls with those names so I cut see past it.

    Avery and Ashton are probably my favorite.
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    Addison, Ashton (although I prefer Asher), and Taylor

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    Quote Originally Posted by marn209 View Post
    A lot of your names scream "girl" to me.
    I realise some people like Unisex names though.
    Taking my bias regarding unisex names out- I personally I prefer Ashton, Leighton and Taylor.
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    I like Taylor and Avery for a boy (and only for a boy). I like Addison and Madison as well, but I know so many girls with these names.
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    Top 3 - Avery, Leighton and Skyler
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