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    Snow baby Names?

    I came across Snofride, it means Snow beauty. It an option from all the other winter baby names such as: Snow, Snowdrop, Eirlyse, Frostine, Wintress, Winter, Gwyneira, and Eirawen. Some of them are seeing use today. What Do you think of Snofride?

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    My favorites are Eira and Gwyneira. I also like Winter as a middle name.

    Snofride might sound pretty but I find it visually unappealing as it could be viewed as Snof-ride. Also reminds me of the Nosefrida baby nasal aspirator (aka the "snotsucker")
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    I have never heard of Snofride. Honestly, I really do not care for it. At quick glance it looks like a typo of the words snow and fridge together without a space. My favorites are Winter, Snow (only as a middle name), Frost (only as a middle name and prefer on a boy), and Eira.

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    I love snow and I love winter, I'm winter-born myself. But I really don't like these kind of names, just not my taste. Even the Welsh ones. Perhaps Eirlys and Eirwen are a bit more usable than the rest, but meh.

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    the sound is not very beautiful, kinda looks mispelled,

    why not try it in other languages?

    yuki is japanese
    nevar is portugese.., maybe add an A, make it Nevara?

    check out this link, there are many words you could play with

    aneira, welsh meaning really white or really golden snow

    anniu, snow falling untouched by the wind

    gana, falling snow

    istas, native american, snow on the ground

    karli, covered with snow, turkish

    kayi, drifting snow

    krikaya, snow mixed with breath...could do kaya

    neva, snowy, spanish

    nevada, snow clad, spanish

    neve, snow, italian

    nieves, snow, our lady of the snow, spanish

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