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Thread: Amalia

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    Thoughts on Amalia? I've had the name on my list for years, and it has the Mali/Molly nickname possibility that SO loves. An added bonus is that it is his mother's name. I'm thinking I've just about won him over!
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    Amalia was my teacher's FN. For that reason, I have a negative association with it.

    Associations aside though, Amalia is really pretty, easy to pronounce and goes well with Karin's name. nn Mali / Molly is really cute!!

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    I think it's lovely. I automatically pronounce it ah-MAL-ee-uh, rather than ah-ma-LEE-uh, which are you going for? I also love the variant Amaliya, which is more indicative of ah-ma-LEE-yuh
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    I LOVE Amalia! So pretty, and it has an adorable nickname built-in!

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    its pretty but not everyone has a lovely voice so may sound like many people have a cold...

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