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    Exclamation What would you name my child? Criteria

    I LOVED the idea that Oliviasarah's post where she gave criteria and had help from the beautiful Berries to find the "Perfect name" (Link to post below). I am TTC so have been thinking of name quite alot recently and I am stuck on girls names so thought this would be a great idea to get some possible names and have decided to make a boys one aswell.

    The name criteria...
    - No "E" first initial as my sons name is Emmett. No twilight names.
    - As someone pointed out to me once I seem to like "Less popular but established names eg Pierre instead of Peter, Malachi instead of Michael or Malcolm"
    - Also starting to like edgy / "rocker names" like Jagger, Cobain, Ace and Rocco...
    - Strong names like Conrad, Alexander, Alaric, Dominic, Leopold....
    - Mythological names like Jove
    - Must be intriguing on a person of any age.
    - Names that are not to be within the top 100 stats (Australian stats {I have posted a link to a 2013 top names pdf} if it doesn't work just use Nameberry's England one) and not too "trendy". For boys I am not too picky about this.
    - Name meanings aren't a deal-breaker but names that sound good and have a good meaning, most of the time, go straight to my faourites list.
    - I don't mind alliteration. Dislike initials spelling words or abbreviations. Last name is G0rd0n
    - The child will be raised on the eastern coast of Australia and will have heritage from German and Irish/French (Me) & Aboriginal and English/Welsh (My partner).

    Disclaimer: I'm not pregnant (Yet...). The idea of the post came from Oliviasarah (

    Thanks in advance!
    I'm excited to see what you come up with...

    Link to a top 50 Aus names (page 10)

    Elara Willow Grace. Romia Scarlet Quinn. Athena Juliet Gwen. Freya Meredith Eve.
    Indira/Ingrid Tallulah Wren. Sylvie Cordelia Raine. Elowen Mariska Briar.
    Dascha Lorelei Claire. Milena/Callaia Bronte Fleur. Araminta Noelle Rose.

    Bryce Leopold Walter. Silas Keiran Heath. Emmett Asher James.
    Evander Malachi Flynn. Josiah Reuben Kane. Owen Lysander Pierce. Henry Perseus Joel. Alexander Orion Dante. Auden Dominic Jay. Egan Dimitri Seth.

    Alpha Names & More combos...

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    Matthias and Callister (short form of McCallister) are the first that came to mind when I read your list. Also Alaric, which I see is already on your list. Some other ideas I had are
    Are any of these sort of what you're looking for?
    ~ Elisabeth Odelia "Elsie" ~ Gideon Boone ~
    ~ Adelheid Ruby "Addie Rue" ~ Theodore Solomon "Teddy"~
    ~ Casilda Josephine "Cassie Jo" ~ Zaccheaus Westley "Zeke" ~

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    With those guidelines and the names I'm crushing on right now, I think I would go with... Moses!
    Lilibeth Pearl - Odette Lysandra - Allegra Snow - Zinnia Ophélie - Hera Magdalen
    Emery Lawrence - Viggo Augusten - Johan Irving - Anders Maël - Jules Quincy - Magnus Luther

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    Hopefully these sound like good options:

    Ingrid | Kit | Esclarmonde | Alistair | Susanna | Emun

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