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    I say Evanna as Ev-awn-nuh. I think Evan, Evanna or Evelyn are all great middle names for a girl. I have a unisex middle name and I love it. Plus, family connections are the best.

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    I hate most boy-names-on-girls (Shay is the one exception). Evadne, maybe?
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    My name is Ashton Blair which are both unisex. I actually love it because my name is different. No one has my name & I have always gotten compliments on it. I want to pair a girly name with Evan to balance it out.
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    Evan certainly works if you like the sound =) I like Lily Evan, but Evanna is nice way to get Evan in there and I like Lily Evanna too!
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    I say ee-VAHN-nuh. I think it's absolutely beautiful!

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