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    What about the name Evan for a girl's MN?

    I love my grandma so much. Her maiden name is Evans. We have plans for boy names already that honor my grandpa & my husband's dad.

    Tell me what you think about these names...
    Lila Evan
    Lily Evan
    Nora Evan

    I think Evalyn is pretty, but I really love short names. I think Evan is different & I like the way it sounds with girly first names.
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    Strangely enough, I actually know a girl with Evan as a first name. I think there was a family connection behind her name, too. If she made it work as a first name, you can definitely make it work as a middle name. I mean, middles are a great place to have a meaningful name if you don't want to use it as a first name.

    I love the name Nora, but it doesn't have the best flow with Evan. Nora Evalyn would be better if you really loved Nora. I love the way that Lily Evan and Lila Evan sound together!

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    I think honouring someone in the middle spot is fine. Lila Evan is pretty.
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    I think you can go pretty outlandish in the middle name spot thus Evan is fine. I like Lily Evan best.
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    Evan is lovely as a middle. However, I'd stay away from Lily Evan, even if it sounds lovely, since Harry Potter's mother is Lily Evans. Unless you don't mind

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