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    Peregrine is one of those names I swoon over. We've got it in a combo - Osiris Peregrine Loki - and I think it's just such an amazing name. It's sweet and fierce and strong and handsome all at once. It makes me think of a knight. I pronounce it per-eh-grin and I love Pippin as a nickname like Peregrin from LOTR.

    One of the members on here, Saracita, has a son named Peregrine.
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    I'm late to the party but I made it. :-D My Peregrine is almost two. We chose his name for the connection to the falcon and the "pilgrim/traveler" meaning. Tolkien's character was a familiar reference point for many people, which was a plus for us -- having used obscure names before we found that some kind of positive reference is preferable to a name being absolutely unheard-of. Another fun fact is that the first Pilgrim child born in the New World was named Peregrine. Peregrine was also a popular choice among early Christians, who legally changed their names upon conversion. Peregrine saw a fair amount of use throughout the Middle Ages, and, as others have mentioned, it is also a Saint's name though I don't know anything about him (I'm protestant). At any rate, Peregrine has a long pedigree of historic and literary use.

    Nicknames we considered include Perrin, Aaron, Rin, Penn, Reggie, Perry, and Pippin -- which is, indeed, a traditional nickname for Peregrine from time immemorial. One of our friends joked that he was going to call the kid Took. Pippin was the nickname that won out as most fitting in the end, and we use Pippin and Pip interchangeably.

    I got a lot of dumbfounded looks when I first introduced him by his full name, though I think people are starting to come around to the ancient names more as time goes by. Nickname Pippin is almost universally pleasing and people generally chuckle and say how adorable it is. There HAS come a revival of the musical Broadway show, "Pippin" since our little guy was born, which wasn't what we were after for his name, but there it is.

    We pronounce it "grin" and so does everyone I know except for the auto-caller from the pediatrician's office, ha! Here is a link to a poll I did a couple of years ago on pronunciation of Peregrine:

    If you would like other input, here's my "what do you think" inquiry: The baby-naming landscape changes so quickly though, I'm not sure how relevant these are anymore. It's surprising how quickly names that once seemed really crazy start to sound less weird than the other names out there.

    As for your list, I think a lot of your favorites could stand alongside Peregrine, depending on what you want to do with the set. For example, Peregrine, Jane and Alice would give you Medieval names, while Peregrine, Veronica and Orion would be more eclectic. The only ones that I think really wouldn't work at all would be the Modern Classics like Luke, Andrew, Joshua, Jordan, Chloe.
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    I quite like Peregrine! I pronounce it "-grin". I love the meaning; "traveler, wanderer"

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    Peregrine has a certain panache, flair, flamboyance, quirkiness and likeability and of course the nn Pippin is so cute! I can see an adult going by Perry.

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    Thanks for all the responses berries! I'm actually swooning over the sibset of Peregrine, Augustus, & Selene (and maybe Jude). I know my family will never go for it, but I'll at least put it on my list even if I can never use it. I love all the nn options (especially Pippin, which is growing on me a ton). Thanks again berries!
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