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  • Ottaline June

    21 27.63%
  • Ottaline Grey

    20 26.32%
  • Ottaline Rosie/Rosalie

    11 14.47%
  • Harriet June

    31 40.79%
  • Harriet Grey

    14 18.42%
  • Harriet Rosie/Rosalie

    15 19.74%
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    Narrowed down our middle name list, thoughts?

    We finally narrowed down our middle name list! We're undecided on a first name still, but leaning towards Ottaline because dh doesn't quite love Harriet, I'm still working on him though. :wink:

    Ottaline June (my grandmas name)
    Ottaline Grey (other grandmas maiden name)
    Ottaline Rosie/Rosalie (our daughter is insistent upon Rosie and we think it's cute)

    Harriet June
    Harriet Grey
    Harriet Rosie/Rosalie (not sure this fits as well with Harriet)

    I will also add that our last name is 2 syllables and begins with R, ends with O, so not sure how I feel about the R middles. Siblings are Eloise Julian, Beatrix London, and Foster Kingsley.

    Thoughts, opinions? Thanks Berries!

    Sahm to: Eloise (06/2008) Beatrix (10/2010) Foster (07/2012) Harriet (edd: 09/2014)

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    OK, I voted for Harriet June before I knew the backstory. I want to change my vote to Ottaline Grey! I'm assuming that's the way your grandma spelled it vs. Ottoline? What a wonderful name with real family history! I don't know how you could resist....
    Pam Satran

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    To clarify, my grandmas name was June. My other grandmas maiden name was Grey. Ottaline is just a name we adore. And we went with the -a spelling because it looks more feminine imo and less like Otto+line smushed together.

    Sorry for any confusion!

    Sahm to: Eloise (06/2008) Beatrix (10/2010) Foster (07/2012) Harriet (edd: 09/2014)

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    I like Ottaline June, Ottaline Grey and Ottaline Rosalie. I prefer Ottoline, but Ottaline is just as good.
    click on the link to access my big combo list:
    Big combo list

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    I think Harriet works best with her siblings! Harriet June is my favorite, followed closely by Harriet Grey. Ottaline just isn't really my style. As wonderful as it is, it still feels a little out there.

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