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Thread: Shailene?

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    I like this name, but i need more convincing! Wdyt of Shailene nn Shai

    (Pronounced: Shay-Leen)

    Suggestions of other names like this****

    Thanks, Jules🌸
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    I love the nickname Shay. Or Shai/Shea, however you want to spell it.

    Shailene is going to explode, in my opinion, now that Divergent has come out and that the main character is Shailene Woodley. I've never been a huge fan of the name itself, but the nickname Shay makes it almost worth it for me. I'm not sure if Shay could stand on its own... Similar :


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    I don't like Shailene personally. Not familiar with Divergent aside from a couple previews so can't say much for that.

    I like Shea/Shay on its own (I know a couple girls and a couple boys with this name), or possibly Shayla. I also know a Shaina.

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    To clarify, Shailene Woodley is the actress who stars in Divergent and will also be starring in the upcoming adaptation of The Fault In Our Stars. I do think the name is going to get a bit of an uptick in popularity, but it's just a bit too creative and a bit too tied to the one actress for me to enjoy. I do think Shea could stand on its own
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    Love Shay/ Shae.
    Love Shayla and Shaylynn.
    Really not liking Shailene- to me it sounds old fashioned- like Darlene.
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