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    What names do you wish you were brave enough to use?

    I have seen so many berries (myself included) post about names they love, but aren't brave enough to use. What names fall under this category for you?

    For me, Poet is a big one! Love it, but couldn't see having a child named that.
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    Apol·lònia, for sure. I love the dark Ls and the open O... but I have an anglophone family.
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    Maleficent - really want to use this one!
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    Frey- Love the mythology behind this one. But sadly too close to Fray and welcoming to "Frayed" jokes.

    Embry- I loved this one before Twilight, but not very unusable for me due to the obvious "Embryo" look.

    Penn- LOVE it, but just like you, just not brave enough

    Mako- I like the spunky sound of it, but i don't really like the idea of naming my son after a shark

    Santos- If only I where hispanic

    Elven- This is actually a variation of Elvin, but also another plural for Elves

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    English word names. Especially the ones that are very unusual. It's just that my child will speak different language and won't grow in English speaking countries so it doesn't have any sense to use them. Only exception is Melody, because I really like it and it's well known word, and I'm choosing this word as a potential name just because it sounds so melodic! But for now, it's strictly in 'maybe' territory.
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