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    ~Ladies~ Francesca*Penelope*Clara*Perla*Mirabella*Mia*Adeli na*Anya*Karina*Georgiana*Flora
    ~Gentlemen~ Roman*Deacon*Florian*Theodore*Felix*Dominic*Sebast ian*Luca*Duncan*Fabian*Bodhi*Pascal*Levi

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    Quote Originally Posted by jem View Post
    Ooh, have you met some Jemimas?! I've only ever met ONE other Jemima in my whole life! Where do you live so that Jemima is popular?
    Imogen is actually really popular here in Australia (at least in my circles...?) I can think of at least 4 under 20 off the top of my head! Still love the name though.
    I'm in Canada right now (haven't heard any here) but I seemed to hear it everywhere back in England - I think it's ranked around 150? I dunno, but what puts me off most is seeing it everywhere by parents on British name forums who've used it and the stats scare me a lot too.

    Interesting about Imogen, I think it's super popular here too (40-ish, if I'm right?) but I haven't happened to meet any little Imogens recently. I think it's been big here for a while though, so the age range is larger which makes it more justifiable to me for some reason. I'd compare it to Alice, which is popular, but also feels timeless to me so I care less about it's popularity.

    I think on the whole my taste in names is just more trendy than I'd like to think!
    olivia - eighteen (finally!), england but sometimes canada. i like names, film & philosophy.
    i'm desperately maternal! some beloved ideas;

    Emmett CrispinRosemary Oona (Romy)
    Wilfred Jack (Wilfie) ○ Sibyl Georgia (Billie) ○ Rufus EoghanMavis MargaretEdgar AlecMaude Evangeline Hugh Baez (Hughie) ○ Fenella Briar (Nell)

    crush: eudelia !

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    My 'not-brave-enough' list! Some are unusable for very obvious reasons haha


    💛 Girls 💛
    Katherine Agnes | Daphne Eleanor | Greta June | Audrey Emma | Margot Delphine | Elizabeth Iris

    💛 Boys 💛
    Alistair Roy | Rupert Joyce| Sidney William | Arthur Henry | Ernest James

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    Maddox. For a girl. And any of my guilty pleasures, especially Tigerlily and Kohl.
    [FONT=Book Antiqua]
    Summer, Eloise, Maisie, Penelope "Penny", Lexington "Lexie", Maeve, Alice, LucyBoys:
    Hendrix, Milo, Flynn, Calvary, Myles, Gideon, Canaan, Darcy

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    Probably Anouk. Sometimes I think I'll be able to just go for it and other times I think I wouldn't. I also really like Whimsy but only for a sweet, sleepy newborn. I couldn't picture it aging well.

    ETA: Oh and Tuesday! Love it but doubt I'd use it. Especially since I'm weird and it would drive me crazy if my baby was born on any other day of the week.
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    Auntie to Moose {2014} & Baby Girl {February 2016}

    Emmeline. Beatrice. Eloise. Cecelia
    Juliet. Mae-Claire. Tallulah. Delphine. Georgiana. Bellamy
    Spencer. Holiday. Brighton. Freya. Oona. Annique

    John. Callahan. Teague. Dexter. Anson
    Everett. Foster. Baylor. Cormac. Thayer. Nash
    Knoll. Dawson. Hayes. Edison. Harrison

    Lulu's favorite name: Mary Ann

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