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Thread: Ada?

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    I really like Ada at the moment, I pronounce it like Ay-duh.

    I'm considering Adah because of its Biblical history, although I think I prefer Ada; anyway Nameberry has the pronunciation listed as AH-duh.

    Would you pronounce Ada and Adah differently?

    And what middle name do you think?

    I think that the h on Adah probably looks unnecessary, but I'd like to hear your thoughts.
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    I'd pronounce both of them the same... Ae-duh. I prefer the Ada spelling, although it still feels old ladyish to me. I much prefer Aida or Ayda.

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    I like Ada better also. It's one of my favourites

    Yeah, I pronounce them different. Ada is AY-duh and Ada is AH-duh.
    I met an Ayda some time ago, she was not even five at the time and had a little sister named Mia. I cringed at the spelling; but I think her mum was trying to make sure it was pronounced that way.

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    I'd pronounce Adah the Hebrew way, with the accent on the *second* syllable.

    If you're saying them the same I wouldn't bother with the H.

    I've heard Ada said both AH-da (almost like Odd-a) or like ADE-a. Both spelled the same way.

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