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Thread: Edmond Edwards

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    Edmond Edwards

    Hi Berries,

    I have loved the name Edmond my whole life but when I married my last name changed to Edwards.

    So my question is would Edmond Edwards be weird, does it sound too strange ? I don't mind alliteration or anything like that. I quite like the sound, Edward Edwards would be weirder.

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    That's way too rhymey; it sounds like a comic book/spoof character. Alliteration is fine (e.g. Coco Chanel), rhyming or off-rhyming can be fine (e.g. Helen Mirren, both end in the "en" sound, or even Mary Berry). Both is too much.

    What about Eduardo or Hammond?
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    Eduardo Edwards sounds more rhymie then Edmond/ Edmund in my ears and not a fan of Hammond. Thanks for the feedback though

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    I think it's to repetitive, especially since Edmond is bound to get called Ed or Eddie at some point. Ed Edwards is not great.

    ETA: Something like John-Edmond Edwards or Henry-Edmond Edwards could work better.
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    Way too much. Though I had a college professor named Gregory Gregoriou. Why do parents do things like that??
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