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Thread: The name Clea..

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    I automatically said Klee-uh, which I think sounded very pretty. Like the PP, I prefer Klee-uh to CLAY-uh.
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    Clee-uh, I'm Aussie too, I'm guessing this is the pronunciation most used in Oz.

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    I met someone just the other day with this name! I'd never heard it before, she pronounced her name as Clee-ah.
    I thought it was very pretty.

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    Thanks everyone it's nice to know that there is still a possibility that I can still use the name and use the pronunciation I love without it being too much of an issue in everyday life, plus it is nice to know how an Aussie would say the name seeing as I will most likely be living here when it comes time to having children. It's a lovely name and I would like to think I could add one more Clea to the world

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    I pronounce it to rhyme with Leah, so klee-uh. It's a lovely name!
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