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    Help! Name John's little brother

    I have just about three months left in my second pregnancy (a June baby) and my husband and I have zero (I repeat--zero!) names on our list for Number Two, as we affectionately call him. What we are working with: our first son, John Thomas, was given two family names. My husband's name is Matthew. We have a classic Irish last name (O'_____). There are no good family names left to use (Alvin, anyone? Harley? Eugene?). We have contemplated using Donavan, which is a family surname (and would honor a grandfather--Donald--and MIL--Donna), but I am hesitant to use it as a first name since I despise the nicknames Don and Donnie. My husband is not very adventurous when it comes to naming, so unique names are out (he's not even sold on Donavan, although he did suggest Archer Donavan at one point). I would prefer a name outside of the top 50--traditional but not common. Thoughts? Suggestions?

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    I love the name Donovan! What about the nn Van?

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    Thanks, Mischa. I've been a reader of the Nameberry blog for a long, long time but this is my first foray into the forums. I love many of your suggestions, although several are probably too "adventurous" for the hubby, I think (i.e. Felix, which I think is fabulous). Robert is actually my grandfather's name, but it was already stolen by another family member. I'm also not in love with it. Colin is a name that my whole family loves, but unfortunately there is already a cousin with that name and hubby refuses to duplicate. Tobias is a great option and I just suggested Marcus to the hubby this morning (no reaction from him on it yet).

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