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    Quote Originally Posted by leisel View Post
    Hello berries,
    I'd love some thoughts on Casper, Isaac and Evander for a trio of brothers?
    Yup there great!

    But sorry to be a killjoy I prefer Jasper to Casper.

    : )

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    I love it! The names complement each other nicely.
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    Love all 3 names. My only issue would be Casper and Evander both ending in -er (you cleverly put Isaac in the middle ). But the different # syllables makes it much better. Two 2 syllable names with the same ending in -er would be too rhymey. I also prefer Jasper to Casper. Great meaning across the board!

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    I think there great together but I feel Isaac is a little more common than the other two as a past poster said.
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    I think they make a great sibset.
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