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    Are these names dated?

    I posted on the girls forum to ask about some names and what everyone considered dated so I thought I would ask here for my boy names...Do you think any of these names are dated?

    Abe -nickname only

    Also what names do you consider dated?

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    Elvis - This reminds me of Elvis Presly and I would wonder if the parents were fans.
    Ernest - This seems dated but older names are coming back so maybe this one will too.
    Thaddeus - This one seemed dated too but it might come back since older names are rising in popularity. I think it's more likely that Thaddeus will rise in popularity than Ernest but I don't have anything to base this on.
    Abe - This name doesn't seem dated at all both Abram and Abraham are rising in popularity.
    Ignatius - Doesn't seem dated but I think that's because a celebrity used it for their child, I don't actually know anyone with this name.
    Eric - This name doesn't seem to fit with the rest on the list, it doesn't sound dated to me.

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    Ernest - the only one I think might be considered dated or old, especially with the nn Ernie.
    Elvis and Abe - I don't think are dated, but I think they are too associated with their namesakes.
    Thaddeus and Ignatius - aren't old sounding to me. They are unique while not being made up.
    Eric - a name that I see as timeless (like Alexander).

    I feel like boy names are less likely to be dated, but here are some I thought of:

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    Elvis isn't dated so much as it is a one person name. I know there are other Elvises out there, but most everyone will think of Elvis Presley.

    Thaddeus, Ignatius, and Eric don't strike me as dated at all. Abe is a little dated, but could be cool on the right guy. Ernest still feels a bit fusty.
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