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    Leila.... do you think it's too common?

    My husband loves the name Leila, i like it too...but i feel like it might be too trendy.. we already know little girls named lila, jayla, lea, and jada. What do you think? My older daughter's name is Juliet.

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    Not at all. Actually I have never met one, or heard of a real life one EVER.

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    We also considered this name Leila is beautiful but I'm sorry it is common. Leila, Layla. Lilah I hear those names Lot.

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    If you're pronouncing it like Layla then yes, it is super common (I won't say too common because that's subjective). Layla was #314 on the SSA chart last year and Leila was in the 200's. There's also Laila, which was near 150.
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