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Thread: Senna

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    My daughter has a little boy in her daycare named Seneca who everyone calls "Senna"

    It seems it would fit your sibset and give you a more masculine alternative

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    It sounds like a girl name to me, due to the similarity in sound to other girl names. I think that will be a common response, but it's not like it's established as a girls name so I'm sure people will get used to it. I'd definitely recommend a more traditionally masculine middle name though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by orchid_lover View Post
    I must be honest here. Senna is a laxative and I wouldn't recommend using it due to that association.
    I'm so sorry, but I agree with this It sounds lovely though! Maybe the Cinna Hunger Games spelling?

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    I have a hard time picturing it on a boy, it's a bit feminine for me. Love it for a girl though, very pretty.

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    I can only see Senna on a girl, but with the hunger games spelling Cinna I can see it on a boy.
    Kind of like Skyler and Skylar.

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